Apply for the Trading Lease
The Lease is available to Accredited Investors ONLY.
with at least 5 years of trading experience.
  1. The system averaged over $23,000 per contract since 2010.

  2. Each customer must inform 'ATS' monthly of the No. of contracts traded.
  3. Each customer will re-invest some of the profits to
    Increase the Number of Contracts Traded.
  4. The ATS-ZB32 cannot be used for Commercial Purposes.
  5. The ATS-ZB32 cannot be Auto Traded by your Broker.
  6. To get the Trading Lease you must have letters of Reference.
"ATS" will NOT remind customers to send an Update or a Lease Payment.
The lease will be cancelled without Notice.

Available to a few customers who can be Trusted Completely only.

Trading Lease Terms and Conditions
This is a Partership betwen
You the Customer and the Developer.

Lease Payments
  • $1000 per contract when you sign the Lease Papers.
  • Then 33% of the yearly Profits generated.

Available to customers who have the experience to
Follow and Trade the system Properly.

After you get the Trading Lease you must follow the system properly
by checking the weekly signal every Friday, not to miss a trade.
If a custome fails to follow the system weekly, the Lease will be cancelled.

"ATS" will not remind a customer a payment is due.
The Lease will be cancelled Without Notice.

Available to customers who can be Trusted completely.

The ATS-ZB32 makes over 200% yearly.
You pay nothing to get the Trading Lease.
Only after the systems makes a Profit.

The first system the ATS-3200 made 130% per year.
The ATS-ZB32 is even Better.